Recently, Billie Eilish shared her Lost Cause video as well as photos. A sharing that created confusion among his fans. In particular, we see the 19-year-old singer having fun with her friends. Footage shows her sticking her tongue out in a group pose. She had put “I love girls” in the caption of the photo. An action that did not leave its some 86.9 million fans unmoved. This time, Billie Eilish especially drew lightning from the web on her. “Acting sexually with girls to attract more audience is disgusting,” retorted one TikTok user.

Of course, it’s not just the negative reviews that have come in response to this sharing. Some questions were also raised such as the possibility of Billie Eilish coming out. Internet users also commented that Billie looked more confident than ever.

“Wait, wait, wait, this is a coming out ??????”

Most of the questions revolved around Billie Eilish’s sexuality. Although praise has been received, a great deal of unease is felt in the comments. “It’s funny that she posted this in June, Pride Month. I hope you’re not doing ‘Queer Baiting’,” one fan commented while another said “Bye. , I literally can’t. It’s like she’s coming out, good for her, but if she pretends to be straight after that, it’s queer baiting, sorry … “.

The term Queer Baiting is used in the music industry as a technique that uses or alludes to sexuality in order to attract fans.

Billie Eilish © Instagram

Lara T.
Lara T.

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