Bill Gates: these anti-marital advice that Jeffrey Epstein distilled during their very private parties

“After much thought and a lot of work on our relationship, we have made the decision to end our marriage.” On May 3, Bill and Melinda Gates announced, after twenty-seven years of marriage, their decision to divorce. The founder of Microsoft and his ex-partner gave no details on the reasons for their separation, indicating simply “not being able to evolve together as a couple in the next stage of their life”. The announcement went like a bombshell in the media, so no one would have imagined that the couple could one day come to such a decision.

Since their union in 1997, Bill and Melinda Gates have always presented a united front, especially in the context of work for their Bill-and-Melinda-Gates foundation. Yet, according to revelations from The Daily Beast, the couple had been struggling for many years. According to the American media, Bill Gates would have discussed his marital problems with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, with whom he was friends, as early as 2011. For three years, the founder of Microsoft even regularly sought advice from the fallen businessman, who allegedly called the couple’s relationship “toxic” and advised them to end their marriage. According to the Daily Beast, the friendship of the two businessmen would have started three years after Epstein pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution of a minor. This relationship would have greatly upset Melinda Gates, who would have consulted a lawyer specializing in divorce.

Epstein, a loophole for Bill Gates?

A source who attended some of the meetings between Gates and Epstein let it be known that these meetings allowed the computer scientist to “escape from his marriage.” She added that the two men “were very close” and that Gates had even proposed to Epstein to join his philanthropic organization to “improve his image”. These revelations directly contradict the statements of the founder of Microsoft, who has always claimed to have had only vague relations with him. “I’ve never been to New Mexico, Florida, Palm Beach or anywhere. Every time I saw him there were other men. I never went to any party. has never donated anything, to my knowledge, “the computer scientist said in 2019. Separately, a representative for Bill Gates recently denied the Daily Beast’s revelations, claiming that” any claim that Gates allegedly spoke of his marriage to Melinda in a derogatory manner is false.

Either way, the two men’s relationship would have been serious enough to cause concern for Melinda Gates, who let it be known that her marriage to the philanthropist was “irreparably broken”.

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