Bill Gates in full divorce: he was seen this weekend still with his alliance

This weekend, Bill Gates made his first public outing since announcing his divorce from Melinda. He had dinner at Nobu in New York with his daughter, Phoebe, and her boyfriend. A family outing in sweltering heat (30 °). As usual, Bill Gates was dressed in a casual outfit with a polo shirt, black pants and a jersey wrapped around the waist. Her wedding ring could be seen prominently on her left hand. After New York City lifted the mask requirement, Bill was seen looking particularly beaming with his unshaven beard.

Bill Gates had several travel companions in addition to his daughter, Phoebe, and boyfriend Chaz Flynn. After the restaurant, the group boarded a helicopter. He was probably going to Manhattan since we saw him there the next day having lunch with his friends.

“Always obscure reasons”

A veil of mystery hangs around Bill and Melinda Gates’ divorce. The fact that Bill Gates still wears his wedding ring on his hand adds another layer to this dose of mystery. Does he still care about his marriage or did he not take it out of habit? Many questions still remain unanswered.

Note that in the divorce documents, Bill and Melinda Gates wrote that their marriage was “irreparably broken.” Moreover, this story goes much longer in time since Melinda would have already consulted lawyers specializing in divorce since October 2019. If the Gates couple keep a low profile on this story, their children, especially Jennifer, the oldest, s’ is already pronounced on the subject.


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