Bill Gates: his divorce from Melinda linked to a resounding sex scandal?

It was a decision that caught everyone off guard. On May 3 on their social networks, Bill and Melinda Gates announced their intention to divorce, 27 years after their marriage in Hawaii which saw the birth of three children. Considered one of the most powerful couples in the world, this announcement, if it surprised everyone, would have been carefully considered, in particular by the wife of the billionaire who would have started to consult lawyers specializing in divorce in 2019. A marriage “irreparably broken” as indicated by Melinda Gates, and which could hold a certain Jeffrey Epstein responsible.

If the billionaire accused of pedophilia and sex trafficking died in prison in August 2019, his friendship with Bill Gates, met in 2013, would have been a source of tension between the Microsoft co-founder and his wife who was always wary of Jeffrey Epstein. And for good reason, she is still today “haunted” by an interview between him and her future ex-husband. “He was just an obnoxious guy. It’s like he makes a point of behaving badly, not paying attention to people at dinner parties,” a source reports to The Daily Beast.

Bill Gates took advantage of Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet

If Bill Gates has never been accused of having profited from the sex trafficking of Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire has however been singled out several times for his friendship with him, or at least, their relationship which has benefited him, especially when he was taking his private jet, the “Lolita Express”. And that seems to have left some bad memories in his marriage to Melinda Gates, who however accepted that this one continues to see his ex-girlfriend. While no prenuptial contract was signed between the two spouses at the time of their marriage, they decided to share the fortune estimated at 146 billion dollars, consisting of houses, cars and works of art. A divorce that could be quickly proclaimed, while Bill Gates has already paid Melinda $ 1.8 billion.

Bill and Melinda Gates © Backgrid USA

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