After 27 years of marriage, the couple of Bill Gates is dissolved for good. The divorce was officially announced on Monday, Melinda Gates chose to keep her name. No information is known on the financial terms of this divorce. Otherwise, Bill Gates said in a CNN interview that his divorce “was a source of great personal sadness” for him. However, this is not the most important revelation he made during this interview.

Bill Gates reflects on his remorse over his friendship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. In 2019, while awaiting trial for sex trafficking, the latter committed suicide in a New York prison. Bill Gates entered into a relationship with the pedophile in 2011. At that time, Epstein had already been jailed because of a trafficking case, he had “procured a child for the purposes of prostitution”. During his interview, Bill Gates evokes that this friendship with the pedophile was a “huge mistake”.

“When it looked like it wasn’t a reality, the relationship ended.”

Bill Gates talks about a failed partnership with Epstein during his CNN interview. He said: “I have had several dinners with him hoping what he said about securing billions of dollars in global health philanthropy through contacts that he might emerge.” Either way, Melinda Gates was furious because of this relationship between her ex-husband and the pedophile. This friendship led to a rift between the couple in September 2013.

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates © Pierre Perusseau

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