Bill Gates divorce: what is his estimated fortune of 146 billion dollars made up of?

It is not for nothing that he is the fourth richest man in the world. On their respective Twitter accounts, Bill and his wife Melinda Gates released a statement announcing their intention to divorce after 27 years of marriage. Astonishing news as everything seemed to work well for the couple who have been managing their private foundation in tandem for several years now, raising a little more dollars each year for their fortune estimated today at 146 billion dollars according to the Bloomberg agency. A colossal sum, which they decided by mutual agreement to share via a “separation contract”, they who had not established a marriage contract. But what exactly does this fortune count?

Apart from actual money, the fortune of Bill Gates and his wife Melinda is also made up of tens of thousands of acres of farmland, notably in Louisiana and Arkansas, sports cars, a impressive collection of works of art, with paintings by William Merritt Chase and Winslow Homer, as well as a Leonardo da Vinci manuscript, the famous Codex Leicester, which is said to be worth several tens of millions of dollars. And that’s not all, since the Gates couple also have many properties that they have also decided to share.

Is Microsoft still Bill Gates’ goose that lays golden eggs?

Thus, among the real estates of Bill and Melinda Gates, one counts among others their house of 5000M2 located in Seattle where they live with their three children, estimated at 130 million dollars, as well as a ranch and a villa by the sea. near San Diego, at $ 40 million. In addition to these material goods, it is the various actions placed by the couple for several years that constitute the bulk of their fortune. Microsoft founder Bill Gates has continued to reduce his stake in the company he created and then left, by selling his shares to invest them in a fund intended to fuel his philanthropic missions, to the tune of 36 billion of dollars, the remainder being invested. If we are to believe Bloomberg’s information, the majority of his wealth now depends on his holding company Cascade Investment, which has invested in several companies active in energy, real estate, hotels, construction of agricultural machinery and a dozen. public enterprises, including Canadian National Railways.

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda © Backgrid USA

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