Bill Gates banished: this island rented by Melinda to isolate himself with his family furious against him

A golden exile … To avoid attracting the media from around the world, Melinda Gates has found a privileged place of retirement … and very expensive. According to information from TMZ in fact, the former wife of the founder of Microsoft would have set sail for the archipelago of Grenada, where she would have rented a private and isolated island. With her children and relatives, she would have settled in Calivigny for an indefinite period. But to sleep away from prying eyes, Melinda Gates has to pay an astronomical sum: 132,000 dollars a night, or just over 90,000 euros. Also according to information from TMZ, Bill Gates would find himself a little lonely after the announcement of his divorce. After the family sided with Melinda, he would not have been invited to this 32-hectare paradisiacal hideaway in the heart of the Caribbean.

As for Melinda Gates, she preferred to leave far from the USA despite the efforts of the couple’s lawyers to find an amicable settlement in the midst of this “hostile separation”. And the financial negotiations have already started. Hours after announcing his divorce, Bill Gates transferred $ 1.8 billion to his ex-wife, who therefore recovered a significant portion of the shares of his investment firm, Cascade Investment. As a reminder, the Gates revealed their separation after 27 years together through a statement posted on their Twitter accounts on Monday, May 3. “After much thought and a lot of work on our relationship, we made the decision to end our marriage,” they said.

Bill and Melinda Gates: an amicable divorce?

“Over the past 27 years, we have raised three amazing children and created a business that operates around the world and enables people to live fulfilling and productive lives,” continued Bill and Melinda Gates, parents of Jennifer, Rory. and Phoebe. They also assured that they would continue to “work together within their foundation”, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which fights against poverty and disease, failing to “no longer be able to evolve together as a couple” . According to People, the ex-wife of the founder of Microsoft does not intend to claim any alimony. Married under the separation of property regime, they will have to find common ground for their properties in five different states, their private jet, their art collection and many luxury cars.

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates © Backgrid USA

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