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Bill Clinton above ground: this embarrassing explanation of his adviser when he left the White House

Power turns heads. And can sometimes disconnect from reality. During the seven years he spent in the Oval Office of the White House, Bill Clinton sometimes lost track of what was going on outside the walls of the residences of American presidents. Confused when he left in 2001, the former head of state had to relearn how to live “normally”. And for him, even the simplest things had gotten complicated. At that time, he even had to ask for help from one of his relatives to get back to the page … and explain one of the most important phenomena of the moment: the Friends series. Bill Clinton, who had never had the opportunity to watch the adventures of Rachel, Ross, Monica (which began in 1994, a year after entering the White House) and the others therefore asked his close associate Doug Band to summarize for him this series which was a hit.

Reclusive in his house in Chappaqua, Bill Clinton was living his first days as former President of the United States. A complicated moment for him, who was then particularly lonely and still weakened by the various scandals suffered during his mandates. Away from his wife, Hillary Clinton, who was in Washington, and their daughter, Chelsea, who was studying at Oxford, he could only count on Doug Band. “No one wanted to be around Clinton. No one wanted to work for him. He was an outcast,” recalls his former chief assistant in a lengthy interview with Vanity Fair. Friends of the 42nd president say that only Doug Band was by his side. Which made for an amazing discussion. “He was very out of touch with the world,” recalls his ex-counselor and close friend. He asked me one evening to explain what was going on in this series called Friends. ”

Hillary Clinton’s Dumpling

In 2014 in an interview with ABC, Hillary Clinton made rare confidences about this time. And in particular on the money problems that his family had when they left the White House. “We had about $ 12 million in debt, assured the former head of American diplomacy. We had to work really hard. I was in the Senate, I could not do much, and I am very grateful to my husband, who has always worked hard since he was born, poor. ” The then presidential couple had to go into heavy debt to finance, in particular, the legal fees relating to the Monica Lewinsky affair. Result? Their family was “not only broke, but in debt”. His statements had provoked mockery, since the Clintons owned two luxury properties in New York State and Washington. “I shouldn’t have said the five or six words I said, but my awkward use of those few words doesn’t change who I am, what I have fought for all my life, and what that I defend today “, defended Hillary Clinton then.

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