Beyoncé in mourning: her cousin, a 34-year-old rapper, was shot dead

Hip-hop star from San Antonio, Martell DeRouen, known as Kardone was found dead by police in his apartment on Tuesday, January 26, 2021. Police were called there for a welfare check after he was found dead by police. a friend said he had not heard from the youngster for several days. Authorities are currently looking for a 21-year-old woman suspected of having shot him dead. In a statement, Martell DeRouen’s wife, Joia said: “Martell was a caring, loving person who gave and loved to help the poor, he had so much love to give and his smile was contagious. has no way to replace him, but help us find this girl. She is dangerous and I believe she will kill again. If you see her, please contact the police. ” Referring to her late husband, the young woman added: “He didn’t deserve this.”

At 34, Beyoncé’s cousin was a beloved artist and was signed to a Sony-affiliated record company. Brian Mitchell, owner of Fyngermade Studio, at KSAT revealed, “Kardone was one of those who stood up and shone, brighter than, you know, some of those who were in the room with him.” Brian Mitchell also said that while the singer was related to Beyoncé, he never let it go to his head. “It’s not even something he would mention to people. We put it in his bio because it’s just, it’s worth putting it in there, but he doesn’t like things. like that “, he recalled, before adding that he did not understand why one killed his friend:” It’s like hurting a butterfly. “

The artist was working on his album

In June 2019, it was during an interview with Yahoo that Martell DeRouen had confided. He revealed: “I chose to pursue this path because music is what fascinates me. So if I manage to make a good living doing what I love, inspires and motivates others. through my music, then I would feel very lucky. ” In 2016, he released his first mixtape Trunk Bang via Empire. In addition, in his career, the rapper has collaborated a lot with Ray J and Paul Wall. Last year he was busy working on his official albums.

Beyoncé Knowles © Zuma Press

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