Being a global pop star deserves a lot of work. Especially on the body. Since her debut, Beyoncé has undoubtedly been one of the most popular and admired female singers across the world, imposing iconic status in song, which celebrates female beauty, strength and independence. However, like others, the singer has her little insecurities, she who has gone so far as to abuse draconian diets and a very hard training rhythm in order to keep her body in shape.

“I haven’t always made it my own priority. (…) I’ve spent too much time dieting with the misconception that taking care of myself meant exercising and being too aware of my body “, she confided in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, explaining in particular that working tirelessly for 20 years to build a real empire had a” significant impact “on her well-being, both physical and mental. But for some time now, Beyoncé has simply put aside this old relentless way of life to focus on the essentials: “my energy on my body and taking note of the subtle signs it sends back to me”.

How many children does Beyoncé have?

In 2019, in the documentary Homecoming, the singer, mother of three children, revealed the details of the diets she had imposed on herself in order to find the line after the birth of her twins in 2017, before performing at the Festival. from Coachella. “I have to take care of my body. (…) To achieve my goals, I limit myself and I refrain from bread, carbohydrates, sugar, dairy products, meat, fish, alcohol – I’m hungry “, she confided, however specifying a detail:” I definitely pushed the limits and I learned a very valuable lesson: I will never surpass myself in this way again “.

Beyoncé © CPA

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