Inconsolable. Bevin Prince is in mourning after the death of her husband William Friend, struck by lightning. The 39-year-old actress became famous for her role as Bevin Mirskey, cheerleader and friend of Brooke Davis, in the series The Brothers Scott. According to information from local radio station WECT6 News, the authorities intervened after receiving several calls from witnesses. They then found the body of William Friend on a boat that was sailing in the middle of a storm near the Masonboro Island reservation on the Atlantic coast of North Carolina. The man was quickly transported to the marina for medical attention. Cardiac massage was also performed. He was then transferred to an ambulance, in which the emergency services tried to resuscitate him 20 times, in vain.

News of William Friend’s death was confirmed by Odette Annable, an actress and close friend of Bevin Prince, who posted a lengthy tribute on her Instagram account. “The unimaginable has happened and we have to say goodbye to another friend. The beloved husband of my best friend. Will, writing this seems strange to me. (…) In every way you were the perfect partner for her. You helped her achieve her dreams, made her feel included, and loved her with all your heart. I will always be grateful to have seen that kind of love.” Being here with Bevin, listening to her share stories about you breaks my heart for her because she lost the love of her life,” the young woman captioned a series of snaps of the deceased and of his companion.

A move to North Carolina to be closer to their family

Bevin Prince and William Friend had been married since May 2016. The 33-year-old was the CEO of a real estate company. This native Briton had moved to the United States when he was 15 years old. As for Bevin Prince, after her career as an actress, she had converted to a fitness teacher. Until the Covid-19 crisis, the young woman had a podcast launched in March 2020 with a friend, entitled Be my neighbor (literally, “be my neighbor”) and in which they gave advice on good neighborhoods in New York. , where it was installed. But because of the pandemic, the couple had finally decided to move to North Carolina, to be closer to their family.

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