Betrayed Elizabeth II: How Harry allegedly misled her to get her green light

A new bomb in the royal family. On May 21, Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey unveiled their documentary series The Me You Can’t See, available on Apple Tv +. In it, both spoke of mental health and the husband of Meghan Markle did not hesitate to chain the confidences on his private life, his past but also his relations with members of his family. According to information published by The Mirror this Wednesday, May 26, in order to carry out this project, Prince Harry would have lied to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. The tabloid indicates that, when he tried to “sell his documentary to his grandmother, he mentioned that it would revolve around the issue of the mental health of war veterans,” said an anonymous source. The end product focuses more on Prince Harry’s mental health and, as the same person told Mail Online, his relationship with the Royal Family is not in good shape. “It’s a matter of trust, and honestly, it’s all hanging by a thread at the moment,” we can read. While the Duke of Sussex confessed to having received no support, this source retorts: “No one in Palace circles feels anything but sympathy for Harry’s trauma and troubled life, but he is annoying and hard to see him share in an international television program the intimate detail of his difficulties and to see him paint a very negative portrait of his family and his upbringing, “she concludes.

He connects the revelations. In the first episode of his documentary series, Prince Harry does not hesitate to be very transparent. “I did not grow up in an environment where I was encouraged to speak”, he admits first before specifying: “I needed to heal from my past. I always wanted to be normal, just be Harry “. While the Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle needed help, they claimed, during the interview with Oprah Winfrey last March, that they had not been. Words that Prince Harry did not hesitate to confirm. “With Meghan, we spent four years trying to make it work. But when we asked for help because Meghan was having suicidal thoughts, all the requests and signals met with silence or indifference. total, “he says. For Archie’s dad, leaving the royal family and walking away was the right decision to save his family. “When I made this decision for my family, I was still told, ‘You can’t do this’, and I asked them’ How bad does the situation have to get for me to be. allowed to do so? ‘. Meghan was going to end her life, we should not come to this, “he concluded.

Elizabeth II, turned upside down by the accusations

While an anonymous source claimed Prince Charles was “saddened” by Prince Harry’s revelations, it would appear that this is also the case for Elizabeth II. “Harry’s grandmother took this very personally and is deeply upset by what Harry said,” a source close to The Mail on Sunday. “In particular his comments about parenting Charles and suggesting that his father doesn’t know better than him because of the way he was brought up. It has been a very upsetting time,” she said afterwards. There is no doubt that discovering the true subject of the documentary series should not have pleased the Queen of England.

Prince Harry and Elizabeth II © Agency

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