Behind the scenes is nothing shiny. For nearly ten years, La Petite maison dans la prairie has punctuated the daily lives of many viewers, portraying a modest family in the 19th century Midwest, where the power of prayer and the importance of education. A story that marked Puritan America for its messages and many themes, making the main actors, the flags of the traditionalist values ​​of the country. Among them, Michael Landon, alias Charles Ingalls, hardworking father and protector of the family. However, reality was a far cry from fiction according to some of the cast members who co-starred with him.

More than thirty years after the comedian’s death from pancreatic cancer, Karen Grassle, who played Caroline Ingalls, looks back on the behavior of the man who played her husband in the series, in her forthcoming book, Bright Lights, Prairie Dust (Bright lights, meadow dust). While the actor was also the director of some episodes, she describes how, on several occasions, he refused her a “fair salary” during the filming of The Little House on the Prairie, but also how Michael Landon denigrated her, and made fun of her. of his physique by making “despicable sexual jokes”.

Michael Landon was telling “awful jokes”

Alcoholic until 1977, the actress confides that this disease was able, according to her, to participate in the tense relationship she had with Michael Landon. However, the one who does not mince words vis-à-vis the actor, is none other than Alison Arngrim, alias Nellie Oleson. “People still think of him as this nice and healthy farmer but when you knew him he was mostly berserk, bad and dangerous,” recalls the now 59-year-old actress from the Daily Mail, describing a man who “always drank, smoked and told awful jokes.” “He was driving a Ferrari so we couldn’t really qualify him as Charles Ingalls,” she adds, qualifying her remarks, however, by specifying that sometimes he could be “hilarious and incredibly talented”.

Michael Landon © WOLRVISION

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