Bernard Lavilliers, who turned 76 on October 7, can truly boast of having had a fine career. Although he struggled to find himself at the professional level during his adolescence, the songwriter who went from gangster to poet, passing through the profession of boxer, has the merit of a career full of successes. His career took off with the album Les Barbares released in 1976, reports Pure People. The 1980s marked his period of professional glory, but also marked his meeting with the exceptional Lisa Lyon, bodybuilding champion.

This meeting with the one who will become his wife later, Bernard Lavilliers engraved it forever in his album Nuit d’amour, released in 1981. A new life in Los Angeles which he recounts in verse. Particularly muscular, Lisa Lyon is an expert in weightlifting and has an excellent track record in the field of bodybuilding. She had notably participated in the pro women’s bodybuilding world championship in 1979. Model, Lisa Lyon was also popular with magazines and had already posed for Playboy magazine in October 1980. Her sculpture, which is far from the general image of women qu she had associated with a good dose of sensuality quickly made her famous.

Lisa Lyon: World Bodybuilding Champion

Born in 1953 in Los Angeles, Lisa Lyon had studied art at the University of California. A practitioner of this Japanese art of Kendo, she feels that she lacked strength. That’s why she turned to weightlifting. One thing leading to another, she began to be attracted to bodybuilding. Although the 1979 world championship was the only one she participated in, the results are there. Note that in 2000, Lisa Lyon was entered into the IFBB Hall of Fame. “My wife, Lisa, who was indeed a world bodybuilding champion, we made a caricature of her. I liked her very much. She was a screenplay reader at MGM, a friend of Warhol and Robert Mapplethorpe. For her, bodybuilding was performance. She made me discover absolutely incredible music and photographs. It was consistent with my life.

Apart from her career as a bodybuilder and model, Lisa Lyon also had an acting career, albeit short-lived. She notably appeared in the film Three Crowns of the Sailor released in 1983, the film Getting Physical released in 1984 as well as the film Vamp, released in 1986. The story between Bernard Lavilliers and Lisa Lyon lasted only one year , reports Pure People. Before Lisa Lyon, Bernard Lavilliers had shared the life of Evelyne Rossel with whom he had two children, Virginie and Guillaume. After Lisa Lyon, Bernard Lavilliers frequented Jocelyne Gourdet until 1989. For 19 years, the artist has shared the life of Sophie Chevallier, graphic designer and sculptor.

Bernard Lavilliers: who is his ex-wife Lisa Lyon, bodybuilding champion?

Bernard Lavilliers © Tiziano Da Silva – Cyril Moreau

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