In August 2021, Benjamin Mendy was remanded in custody following several rape complaints against him. Eight complainants referred to facts that allegedly took place between October 2018 and August 2021. Louis Saha Matturie, the footballer’s sidekick, is also accused and he was mentioned on Monday, October 24. The thirteenth plaintiff came out of silence during a hearing which took place in the court of Chester. She first returned to her audition which took place last January, assuring that she did not wish to have a sexual relationship with Louis S. Matturie. However, she specifies that she ended up accepting and indicates that she did not speak about it with anyone. She also adds that she only discovered later that he was accused of rape. During her hearing, the young woman had claimed to have no memory. Facing the judges, Louis S. Matturie’s lawyer tried to learn more. “It was a long time ago,” she first said before adding, “I remember him kissing me, I was sitting on the edge of the bed. He took out his penis . I think he was waiting for this to happen.” Subsequently, the complainant clarified that the accused ignored her refusal. “He didn’t really take no for an answer, which is why we ended up having sex,” she said to Louis S. Matturie’s attorney.

This is not the first time Louis S. Matturie’s name has come up during this trial. A few days ago, it was the twelfth plaintiff who broke the silence. She accuses Benjamin Mendy’s sidekick of sexual assault and referred to facts that allegedly took place in 2016. She claimed that Louis S. Matturie had tried to kiss her by force and had also touched her private parts by- over the clothes. The young woman had, however, specified that she had not reported the facts to the police since she had met him several times during evenings which, according to her words, had gone well. “I always knew I wanted to report it,” she admitted before adding, “I never had the d*** to do it, I was scared, I was embarrassed that it happened”. As a reminder, several complainants indicated that they had been contacted by Louis S. Matturie via the Snapchat application. Each time, the co-defendant of Benjamin Mendy would have exchanged with these young women in order to offer them to come and attend a party at the player’s house. Once there, they would have been victims of sexual touching and had claimed that their laptop had been confiscated from them as soon as they arrived in the mansion.

Benjamin Mendy trial: what penalty does the footballer face?

Since August 10, the complainants have been chained to the bar to deliver their version of the facts. The footballer is accused of rape and sexual assault by eight women. Facts that would have taken place mainly in his large mansion in Prestbury, Cheshire, where he is particularly isolated from the neighborhood. Benjamin Mendy has decided to plead not guilty to all charges against him. He is judged in the company of Louis Saha Matturie who would be his accomplice and he risks life imprisonment. For the time being, both remain presumed innocent of the facts of which they are accused until the final judgment.

Benjamin Mendy trial: the thirteenth complainant charges his sidekick, "He took out his penis (...) 'No' was not an answer"

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