In August 2021, Benjamin Mendy was remanded in custody following several rape complaints against him. Eight plaintiffs mentioned facts that allegedly took place between October 2018 and August 2021. His trial began in early August and it was a resounding decision that was announced on Tuesday, September 13. As reported by the Team, judge Stephen Everett indicated that one of the eight rape charges against the football world champion was “dropped due to lack of sufficient evidence provided by the prosecution”, can we read. Benjamin Mendy therefore remains accused of seven rapes, an attempted rape and a sexual assault against seven women. He denies all these accusations. At his side is Louis Saha Matturie, who was also found not guilty of two rapes and a sexual assault on the same woman. Facts which, according to the complainant’s words, had taken place in July and August 2021. However, her testimony had been called into question since a video of the antics between the young woman and Louis Saha Matturie had been mentioned. She had denied knowing of his existence but it was claimed that she could be seen staring at the camera on several occasions. She had also been questioned about her exchanges with the player following the rapes of which she accused him.

During this trial, the plaintiffs follow one another. On September 5, it was the sixth young woman who spoke. At the helm, she had mentioned an evening which took place in July 2021. She had first indicated that she had had “consensual sexual relations two or three months” before the alleged rape. “We had sex, but it was a one-night affair,” she continued before assuring that she was sober at the time. Afterwards, she remembered being invited to a party at the footballer’s house. According to her words, it was Louis Saha Matturie who contacted her via the Snapchat application. He had also told her that she could spend the night there. An invitation that the young woman accepted and she therefore went to the party accompanied by a friend. Once there, the complainant indicated that the group went “to a nightclub in the center of Manchester”, can we read. Back at the player’s home, she said she was very tired and claimed to have been directed to a bedroom by “a man so that she could sleep”. She then said she didn’t remember much, only one very important detail. “All I remember is that Benjamin Mendy was on top of me when I woke up,” she said before adding that the footballer allegedly had “sex with her from behind, without having raised the subject with him before”. Shocking words and taken very seriously.

Benjamin Mendy: what sentence for the football player?

The accusations against Benjamin Mendy are the subject of much talk. The football player is accused of rape and sexual assault by seven women for facts which would have taken place mainly in his large mansion in Prestbury, Cheshire, where he is particularly isolated from the neighborhood. His trial continues and the world champion faces life imprisonment. He has decided to plead not guilty to all charges against him. He is judged in the company of Louis Saha Matturie who would be his accomplice and both remain presumed innocent of the facts of which they are accused until the final judgment.

Benjamin Mendy accused of rape: first resounding decision of British justice

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