On the occasion of the release of his tenth studio album, Sant-Clair, to be found in stores on September 9, 2022, Benjamin Biolay replied to our colleagues from Sunday newspaper, September 4, 2022. The famous singer took advantage to talk about his current addiction. “My real addiction is podcasts,” he said before saying a little more. “I devote a lot of time to it. This summer, I found some extraordinary ones on Flaubert, Mussolini and Pétain. And there, I’m all the way, I listen, I don’t even scratch, I’m fine”, he confided.

When imbued with a poscast, he no longer needs anything. Something that is very rare for Benjamin Biolay. This imperactive often has trouble concentrating on one thing and letting go completely. “When I watch TV, the guitar comes back quickly, mechanical things that untie my fingers waiting for something good on the screen. Which rarely happens,” he said, implying that the programs that appear on television do not really appeal to him.

Benjamin Biolay is 49 years old

Despite everything, he loves to play the comedian in the cinema. If he has, most of the time, won roles of melancholic or cultivated seducer, he would like to change register. “I would like one day to play a cop or a man of the church. In the cinema, what motivates me is a mixture between the interest of the script and the personality of the director. The actors do not have I think it’s great to watch them work,” said the 49-year-old artist. Almost 50 years old, he still has many dreams and challenges to meet.

Benjamin Biolay makes rare private confidences: this addiction that he mentions for the first time

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