These are cash confidences. On the occasion of the release of his new album, Benjamin Biolay gave an interview to our colleagues from Marie-Claire during which he confided in his past as an alcoholic. Indeed, the 49-year-old singer has been haunted for many years by this addiction to alcohol. And one thing is certain, the artist was really hooked, he who could swallow many quantities: up to five liters of vodka a day! “I was scared to death, actually,” he explains, in all honesty. A franchise well known to the interpreter.

Benjamin Biolay then looks back on this dark period of his life: “At 30, I was an alcoholic. It was not pleasant, I was getting fat, I wasn’t even drunk,” he admitted. If today, he is completely out of this addiction, the singer even takes the initiative to allow himself a few small deviations: “In the studio, I happen to be drunk. Two or three glasses will make me leave, silence my fucking brain, my hardness with myself that keeps me from fucking a song when I’m close to finding something”. Cash statements, as the singer is used to.

Benjamin Biolay’s shock statements

Indeed, on September 1, Benjamin Biolay made astonishing confessions to the Nouvel Obs: “I became a prostitute. I never slept with anyone for money, but when I entered show business I I often had the impression of being on the verge of doing it. When you go to certain parties with the sole aim of succeeding, you can feel dirty. When I write ‘I have been a prostitute’, it comes out spontaneously because I really mean it,” he said. That is what is said.

Benjamin Biolay, former alcoholic: the singer drank up to 5 liters of vodka a day!

Benjamin Biolay © OLIVIER BORDE

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