They are madly in love! For many months, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been going out as a couple and as a family. If on the occasion of the singer’s birthday, the actor had offered her a dream vacation on a yacht in Saint-Tropez, it would seem that he also gave her another gift. Indeed, Ben Affleck offered a necklace of the brand Foundrae to his dear and tender. Thrilled to see Jennifer Lopez wearing one of her jewelry, brand co-founder Beth Bugdaycay revealed in People columns: “To me, Foundrae is about empowerment and self-expression and Jennifer embodies that. . “

Very much in love, Ben Affleck gave the star a personalized piece of jewelry. Beth Bugdayca explained in an interview with E! : “With the custom piece that Ben created for Jennifer, it clearly communicated their love, but it was also a reminder of their capacity for change and growth,” before adding that the team at Foundrae had been ” blown away by her romantic gesture. ” Referring to the symbols the comedian wanted to appear on the jewel, she revealed: “He wanted flowers that are nourished with passion and continue to bloom, even in the dark, against adversity and a thorn that is the risk that we take for something we love, to live life fully without reservation. ” A romantic gesture that must have made Jennifer Lopez happy!

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez appear on Instagram

On the occasion of her 52nd birthday, Jennifer Lopez had sported a picture where she wore the jewel that Ben Affleck had given her. However, the latter had gone unnoticed. And for good reason, it is a photo where the couple kiss each other which made the Internet users react enormously! In the comments section, we can read: “Bennifer is real!” ; “So happy to see you happy together!” ; “This photo of a couple! My heart is going to let go !!! So happy for you!” ; “It’s now official on Instagram!”

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