Ben Affleck depressed after breakup: his drastic decision if Ana de Armas does not return

After meeting on the set of the movie Deep Water, Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas decided to go their separate ways. The couple chatted at length and split by mutual agreement after nearly a year of dating. “There is still a lot of love between them. The break is as friendly as possible,” a source told Page Six at the time of the incident. This is how the 32-year-old actress decided to pack up and leave the house of Ben Affleck, who is “upset” by their separation.

Obviously the breakup would be more trying for Ben Affleck … A week later, we learn that the 48-year-old actor is living his separation quite badly and is not ready to be in a relationship again, according to confidences of a relative at the Mirror. “Ben accepts that he better be single for a while. He’s going to try the single life – unless there is a miracle and Ana comes back asking for a second chance,” reports the tabloid.

Ben Affleck “took the oath of celibacy”

According to those close to Ben Affleck, the actor now intends to make himself and his children a priority in his life, rather than his relationships. “His friends are joking that he took the oath of celibacy. It remains to be seen whether or not he can stay celibate for a long time,” reports the Mirror. One thing is certain, he can count on those close to him in this new celibacy: “Ben’s friends want him to take a break from dating, work on himself and stop rushing in. relationships, “added a source. And to conclude: “He jumps head first into these very intense relationships and gives them everything, but they all implode as soon as the honeymoon is over”. For her part, Ana de Armas has decided to take this new sentimental course by radically changing her hairstyle, which suits her perfectly.

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas © Instagram

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