Ben Affleck was invited, this Monday, December 13, on the set of the Howard Stern Show. The American actor returned to his alcohol addiction and made a rather surprising point to explain it. According to him, it would be his marriage with Jennifer Garner which would have led him to drink: “This is also part of the reason why I started drinking, I felt trapped”, he said. declared. And to add: “I was like: ‘I cannot leave because of my children, but I am not happy.’ What I did was drink a bottle of scotch and fall asleep on the sofa, which turned out not to be the solution. ” According to him, he would also be “probably still drinking” if he had not divorced the mother of his three children.

Words that outraged many people. Starting with his new partner, Jennifer Lopez, with whom he recovered at the start of the year, after a 17-year separation. The latter would have been “annoyed” by this statement. The 52-year-old singer “is dragged into this because she’s dating him. She doesn’t want to be dragged into this,” a source told Page Six.

Ben Affleck: “I would never want my children to think that I could ever speak badly of their mother”

Faced with the controversy, Ben Affleck wanted to clarify things in Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show, this Wednesday, December 15. He then explained that he had not been understood, “I said something and it was given the impression that I was saying the exact opposite”, assured the companion of Jennifer Lopez. And to clarify: “I had said that we respect each other, that we care for each other, our children, that they are our priority. And they said that I blamed my ex-wife for my alcoholism and that I was trapped in this marriage. ” Violet, Seraphina and Samuel’s dad regretted being made “for the worst, the most callous, the dumbest and the most horrible of guys.” “I would never want my children to think that I could one day speak badly of their mother. It hurts me,” he concluded.

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