Bella Hadid: the young woman shares a rare snapshot of her life with Lyme disease

If Bella Hadid regularly shares beautiful pictures from photo shoots on her Instagram account, her life is not limited to that. Suffering from Lyme disease for almost ten years, the 24-year-old model must sometimes slow down. Friday February 26, 2021, she wished to show that she was sometimes attached to an intravenous drip. In caption, Bella Hadid shared: “Living with chronic autoimmune disease = always making time for my intravenous infusions.” In caption, his fans supported him by writing in the comments section: “Still so proud of you! People have no idea!” ; “A real inspiration”; “On top of that, you are the hardest working woman in this industry! Proud of you!” ; or again: “You are so strong!”

In 2016, it was during an interview with People that Gigi Hadid’s little sister revealed how difficult it was to fight the disease while working. “Life isn’t always what it looks like from the outside, and the hardest part of this journey is being judged by how you look rather than how you feel,” she said. Also suffering from Lyme disease, her mother, Yolanda Hadid added: “There are difficult days when you sleep 12 hours, you wake up at 11 am and you cannot get out of bed, with severe joint pain, brain fog, anxiety. There are a lot of symptoms that you can’t see on the outside but that knock you down. You can never rest, that’s the best way to explain it . Life goes on and you try to continue. Above all, with the younger generations they have to keep fighting. ”

Gigi Hadid felt guilty for being healthy

In February 2019, Gigi Hadid had already made revelations about growing up with a mother, brother and sister with Lyme disease. For Elle magazine, Zayn Malik’s partner said: “Growing up, having three sick family members made me very independent. My mother couldn’t drive or get out of bed some days, so I took my brother. at school with me, or I had to make lunch. But I also felt a lot of guilt for being the one person in the family who didn’t understand what they were going through. It’s hard when your whole family suffer and you don’t know what to do. ”

Bella Hadid © Giancarlo Gorassini

Bella Hadid: the young woman shares a rare snapshot of her life with Lyme disease
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