This is what we call a very noticeable climb of the stairs. Sunday July 11, 2021, Bella Hadid caused a sensation at the Cannes Film Festival. Indeed, the model has dazzled photographers by the choice of her impressive jewel. When climbing the stairs to the premiere of Tre Piani, the new film by Nanni Moretti, she had chosen to wear a black dress with a very wide neckline revealing her breasts. To hide them, Bella Hadid opted for a spectacular necklace that represents the lungs. The branches of the latter were intended to sacher his chest. According to information relayed by LCI, the jewel is signed Daniel Roseberry who works for the Schiaparelli house. It will be in the fall 2021 collection with the name: Golden trompe l’oeil lungs with rhinestones Golden lungs in trompe l’oeil with its fake diamonds, editor’s note).

Bella Hadid is a red carpet regular. To mark the occasion and once again attract photographers to her, Gigi Hadid’s sister had dared the basic and simple little black dress by betting everything on this gigantic gold ornament, worn around the neck. Her bet is successful since she managed to eclipse the film crew.

Who is Bella Hadid’s lover?

The one who recently formalized on social networks with her new lover, Marc Kalman, does not fail to talk about her with her looks always very neat and thoughtful. By daring this outfit revealing her breasts, Bella Hadid created the buzz and Internet users did not fail to comment on her on social networks. Once again, his daring paid off. There is no doubt that this outfit will mark the history of the Cannes Film Festival and that it will be one of the most beautiful of this edition.


Lara T.
Lara T.

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