Bella Cruise: Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s daughter posts rare photo of her

A somewhat new shot for Isabella Cruise. On her Instagram account, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise’s daughter unveiled a rare photo of herself on her Instagram account, a selfie taken in a mirror. Although she regularly posts photos of works of art, the 27-year-old artist knows how to keep a secret when it comes to herself.

“All that glitters is gold … oh wait, it’s just another Instagram filter,” she captioned her selfie, while wearing a black cap. Last May, she posted on Instagram another selfie, during confinement, drowned among her many drawings, which she regularly reveals on social networks. Like her brother Connor, Isabella, born December 1992, was adopted by Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise and is like her father, a Scientology follower.

Nicole Kidman: her “unconditional love” for her eldest children

It was in 2001, that Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise divorced for “different irreconcilable”, in particular because of their religious incompatibility, the Oscar-winning actress wishing to raise her children in the Catholic tradition, while her husband wanted to follow the precepts of Scientology. It was ultimately to the latter that Isabella and Connor rallied together as they grew up, notably moving away from their mother for a time.

If this choice was not easy for Nicole Kidman to accept, from now on, she respects him and maintains good relations with her elders, in particular Isabella. “They are now adults and make their own decisions. They have chosen to be Scientologists, but I, as a mother, must continue to love them and to offer them the same unconditional love”, explained the actress in 2018, before adding: “It’s my duty. I try to be tolerant. No matter what your child does, he has the right to receive love.”

Connor Cruise and Isabella Cruise © © TWITTER / Planet Photos / KCS

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