Axelle Vercoutre does not exist. On Facebook, however, this profile is online. It obviously belongs to a young woman, brunette, with a charming smile. In reality, it is not she who takes care of it but a certain Julien, as reported by Le Parisien. According to our colleagues, this man created this fake account to bait young women and sexually abuse them before recruiting them into the pornographic industry. Arrested by the police, who carried out a large net, this forty-something was indicted for two rapes, for nine other similar facts, for aggravated pimping and trafficking in human beings. If he has never been present on the set of an X movie, he was an important member of Pascal OP’s network, a producer.

Imprisoned for several months, he explained to investigators how he had thought of creating this false identity. “My wife was bedridden, I was alone with myself and it was complicated to manage. And I can’t stand being alone … (…) I was already with my wife, and it was is where it’s completely paradoxical, I love my life with her. (…) Looking back, I tell myself that if I ended up doing that, it was because I was missing something. ‘had a lack somewhere, “he said, still according to Le Parisien. Over the months, the father of twins, educators for the mentally handicapped, got lost in this false identity. In all, he believes he contacted “thousands of women” while posing as Axelle Vercoutre.

Escort girl, industry X … the recruiter’s horrible ploy

“By their physique, I do not think that this is the kind of woman who is interested in me in normal times … It is the fantasy of a father who is a little bored in his everyday life, “he explained to investigators. Its targets? Young women in financial difficulty, whom he coaxed into pretending to be one of them. The following ? Julien recruited them as escort girls, by screwing up a fake agency, because the client was him and they were never paid. Then by taking them into hardcore porn, the one in which several indicted men evolved, always to earn money that they never had. According to Le Parisien, about fifty young women would have been trapped by the recruiter. 30 have lodged a complaint against the men in this network.

Julien © Facebook

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