“Mr. Tom Sharkey, get out, it’s the police! Your daughter just told us you’re here. Don’t force us to use force.” No response comes to them. After several warnings in front of the front door of a small house located in Fort Myers, Florida, on this morning of October 6, 2021, American police officers took a stand. They will finally take action. As of September 29, a week earlier, police have an arrest warrant issued in the name of Tom Sharkey.

He is the number one suspect in an investigation into the murder of his wife in the state of Texas. When the police suddenly hear a shot ring out, they begin to criss-cross the entire household, guns drawn. They feverishly search for the shooter who has become silent. It is in a cupboard that he ends up finding Tom Sharkey, 50 years old. The man is dead. In order not to face justice, he has just shot himself in the head, in his daughter’s house.

The young woman’s mother was worried about not getting a call from her daughter on Thanksgiving

It all starts on November 28, 2020 in the early morning. City of Houston garbage collectors make their rounds of pick-up. In a ditch by the side of the road, the cleaning crew spotted a strange shape. The truck stops. From a distance, it looks like a shop window mannequin, covered in foliage. The garbage collectors descend, approach and discover horrified that it is the lifeless body of a naked young woman with long brown hair, curled up in a fetal position. Very quickly, the police made the link with the notice of disappearance of Alexis Sharkey, 26, registered the day before. This fashion and beauty influencer from Houston, who represents an organic cosmetics brand, had disappeared on Thanksgiving night, four days earlier.

After eating the traditional turkey with friends, Alexis and Tom, her husband, went home, then the young woman would have come out alone and would never have returned to the marital home. The young woman’s mother, Stacey, who remained in Pennsylvania, was worried about not receiving a call from her beloved daughter. Unthinkable on this family celebration weekend in the United States.

Alexis and Tom’s romance wasn’t as perfect as their Instagram profiles show

Upon hearing the news of the discovery of the corpse, Tom goes to the morgue to identify the body. Married for less than a year, the couple displayed a cloudless love on social networks. The slender Alexis and Tom with protean muscles, shaved heads and full beards, liked to feed their Instagram profiles with their daily marital happiness, from idyllic romantic trips to restaurants, to their sessions in the gym. Inconsolable, Tom multiplies the tributes to his late wife on social networks, posts photos of his beauty in a wedding dress and connects declarations of love.

“You were my reason for living! My universe! My everything! I no longer exist without you!” The grieving widower even responds to TV interviews. Was Alexis the victim of a bad encounter? From a stalking fan? A call for witnesses is launched, quickly relayed on the Internet. Everyone wants to shed light on this heinous murder. When the autopsy shows that she died of strangulation, dissonant voices suggest that the romance between Alexis and Tom was not as perfect as their Instagram profiles show.

During a trip with friends, she confessed that Tom was violent

Her influencer friends paint a picture of a jealous husband, tracking his whereabouts, monitoring his photo shoots and publicity partnerships in Houston. In October, during a trip with girlfriends to Mexico, Alexis admitted, for the first time, that Tom was verbally abusive and abused his imposing physique to abuse her even in their intimate relationships. According to her friends, this trip had been the breath of fresh air she needed to see clearly in her relationship. Alexis intended to leave him and initiated proceedings to close their joint account.

Alexis’ family has also tarnished the image of the ideal son-in-law. Revealing that they had to beg Tom to retrieve their daughter’s body and bring it back to Pennsylvania with them. They were also shocked to find the apartment the couple occupied in Houston totally empty. Tom promised to send them boxes of Alexis’ business, to no avail. “We have no idea where our daughter’s belongings are,” Stacey said. “We even begged Tom to tell us where the three cats Alexis loved as her children were… We’ll never know.”


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