Little Israel Scott’s last words will forever resonate in his mom’s mind. Last June, Dori Scott decided to enroll her four-year-old son in beginner swimming lessons after seeing him like a fish in water on vacation. It was on Facebook that she found an experienced teacher to give private lessons to her little boy. If everything went smoothly during registration, the lessons ended in real drama. During her son’s second session, as she sat in her car outside waiting for him, she claims a tearful woman knocked on her window. Aware that something was wrong, Dori then rushed to the pool to see her son.

At the water’s edge, she found him unconscious. Several people were performing cardiac massage on the body of the four-year-old boy. He was then rushed to Burke County Hospital in Georgia and then transferred to Burke County Children’s Hospital in that state. There, the doctors told his parents that he was brain dead. The little boy died in the early hours of June 15, 2022. “It was a mother’s worst nightmare. It’s incredible and shocking, confided this grieving mother. Before the second class when I dressed him, he said, ‘why am I wearing this?’ I told him he had swimming lessons and he said, ‘I don’t want to go’ but he was in a good mood.”

This mom’s fight

Before his second swim lesson, Israel Scott asked his mom a terrible question. “He asked, ‘but what if I drown’ and I said, ‘you’re not going to drown, you idiot’ and he laughed it off,” she recalled, still shaken by the last words of her child. After the tragedy, she asked the professor for details of the accident, who allegedly told her “not to know” what happened and how Israel lost his life. After the horrific death of her son, Dori Scott campaigns for new laws to be passed that call for an adult-to-child ratio in swimming lessons. “The teacher told me the parents weren’t allowed to stay because I guess the kids listen to her less if they’re there,” she added.

Before the pool, her 4-year-old son asks her a question that will resonate dramatically moments later

Drama at the pool © Pexel

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