Beatrix from the Netherlands, 84, was spotted at the Kloosterkerk church in The Hague on Saturday February 26. A ceremony for the commemoration of the Battle of the Java Sea was held there. The Naval Battle of the Java Sea took place 80 years ago. Japanese troops had begun invading the Dutch East Indies around mid-December 1941. The Americans, British, Dutch and Australians united their military forces under the unified command ABDACOM.

The command launches the assault against the Japanese invasion at the beginning of January 1942. than 1,200 allies from Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States were killed,” recalls Royal Histories. The Dutch troops were led by Rear Admiral Karel Doorman. The naval battle in the Java Sea claimed many casualties. Survivors of these battles as well as relatives of the veterans were present at the commemoration ceremony on Saturday.

Beatrix of the Netherlands, the Princess is patron of the Royal Navy Alumni Foundation

Louise Doorman, the rear admiral’s granddaughter gave a speech for this occasion. Note that the mother of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands is the godmother of the Karel Doorman Fund. This is a fund created since the year 1944. The raison d’être of this fund is to provide financial support to former soldiers, veterans of the Royal Netherlands Navy and their surviving relatives, specifies Histoires Royales . The painter Maarten Platje produced a magnificent painting representing a decisive moment of the battle. Before speaking with the survivors of the battle and their loved ones, the former queen of the Netherlands was treated to an explanation of what the painting represents.

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