This Saturday, November 26, TFX is broadcasting a new issue of its flagship magazine, Criminal Chronicles, from 9:05 p.m. Karine Ferri’s teams immerse themselves for the occasion in a sordid murder already five years old that occurred in Alsace. The case in question takes place in the peaceful town of Durrenbach, a commune in the Bas-Rhin region about 44km north of Strasbourg, hitherto best known for its European Night of the Bat. On April 6, 2017, the firefighters received a call to deal with the flames consuming the house of Béatrice Bowé, a 60-year-old widow who apparently had no history. On the spot, the soldiers of the fire discovering a macabre spectacle. The body of the owner of the premises lies on the ground, pierced with 36 stab wounds, scalped hair and the skin of her face cut. A scene that the most sadistic of horror movie directors would not dare to direct. A wind of dread blows from one day to the next on Durrenbach. With her strong character and her involvement in the city’s football club, Béatrice Bowé was loved by everyone.

The outburst of violence suffered by the young retiree quickly prompts the investigators to dismiss the trail of a burglary that would have gone very badly. One certainty, however: the aggressor had a grudge against Béatrice Bowé. An Alsatian vendetta directed against the one nicknamed “Mamie Foot”? Without a doubt. Sure, but who? And why ? Eyes will later turn to Aline Arth, a 39-year-old hairdresser found guilty of murdering her mother-in-law and sentenced to 18 years in prison before the Strasbourg Assize Court, a move defend the accused before the judges. At the bar, the witnesses persist and sign: the young woman did indeed savagely murdered Béatrice using a knife, before leaving her lifeless body in a corridor of her house along the road to Woerth , at the exit of Durrenbach.

This child no one talks about in the Béatrice Bowé affair

The suspicious attitude of Aline Arth and the testimony of the last person to have seen the victim alive will encourage the judges to render their verdict. A decision immediately appealed by the defendant’s lawyer, Me Aachour, leading to a second appearance at the Colmar court in October 2021. During this new hearing, the judges finally decided to follow the requisitions of the General Counsel. Aline Arth comes out of court this time with a 20-year prison sentence for the murder of her mother-in-law, two years longer than at first instance. “I was not planning to build something lasting with her,” confided the victim’s son in the columns of the Latest News from Alsace last year. The landscape painter had all the less intention of getting involved with Aline Arth as Béatrice Bowé had urged him not to frequent this young divorced woman and mother of two children. From her relationship with her mother’s killer would be born a little girl whose father never wanted to hear about it, according to the DNA.

Béatrice Bowé case: these abominable details of the suffering endured by the victim

The Béatrice Bowé affair © Pexels

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