A real cry from the heart … Helpless in the face of her niece’s tutelage, Leigh Ann Spears Wrather agreed to break the silence. Guest on the Good Morning Britain show this Friday, October 15, 2021, Britney Spears’ aunt assured that her brother, Jamie Spears was barbaric. Angry, she indeed said: “He’s barbaric. Who can do that to someone? She was just being manipulated and used. And he means he protected her? No. He put her in. cage! He caged her. He came at the perfect time, when she was most vulnerable, to take control. I don’t think he was the hero. I think he handled the situation, and that he took advantage of this situation for over a decade. “

While no member of the singer’s family has ever intervened in her tutelage, Leigh Ann Spears Wrather assured: “I don’t know what anyone could have done. I know this: I know that if Lynne (Britney’s mother) could have done something, she would have done it. ” Speaking of her niece, Jamie Spears’ sister added: “She wants to get away from Jamie, she wants to be free, she wants to get married, she wants to have children. I don’t know if Jamie can be sued for anything. either, but he must be held responsible. ” If the star can count on the support of her aunt, she would feel betrayed by her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears. A source told E! News: “Britney is very very very angry and hurt. She feels like her sister let her down in the most important fight of her life. They were like best friends for so many years. Now, Britney asks for her support and feels Jamie Lynn has turned her back on her. “

Britney Spears looks to the future

If for many years, Jamie Spears took control over the life of his daughter, the latter is now turned towards the future. Thus, it was on September 12 that she announced her engagement to Sam Asghari, after more than four years of relationship. In addition, the star is said to be writing a book …

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