Barbara Shelley: actress, star of horror films, is dead

The world of cinema is in mourning. As Hollywood Reporter reported, actress Barbara Shelley died at the age of 88. According to their information, she succumbed to Covid-19 on January 4, 2021. The sad news has been confirmed by her agent. Nicknamed “the first leading lady of british horror”, Barbara Shelley was considered the star actress of horror films. She had indeed played in many productions of the Hammer, specializing in horror films and series. In 1961, for example, she had passed in front of the camera for “Bowler hat and leather boots” to play Susan Summers and from 1965 she had lent her features to Helen for the “Dracula” saga.

Born on February 13, 1932, Barbara Shelley started her career in comedy very early on. It was in 1952 that she began working with the Hammer under the direction of the famous Terence Fisher. In 1953 she started in “Mantrap” and then continued until 1970. Note that the deceased actress also shot for other audiovisual productions than the Hammer such as “Le village des damnés” in 1960 or “Doctor Who “in 1984. Barbara Shelley’s last appearance dates back to 1989 in the” Dark Angels “series. “When I started making films for the Hammer, all the so-called classic actors looked down on horror films. No one remembers the other films I made. But horror films, I do. am really grateful, because they gave me so many fans. ” Barbara Shelley had confided in an interview.

Barbara Shelley: A Retreat From Fantastic Cinema

Note that on the private side, Barbara Shelley has always remained very discreet. After having made a career on the big screen, she changed fields and devoted herself to interior design. For the time being, the date of his funeral has not been communicated but they should take place in complete privacy.

Barbara Shelley © Youtube

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