Barack Obama: when the former US president talks about the complicated intimacy of his daughters

Barack Obama continues the promotion of his memoirs entitled “A Promised Land” published last November. In a very jovial way as usual, the former American president answered questions from James Corden, Monday, May 17, on the American channel CBS on the occasion of a videoconference appearance on the show Late Late Show.

While many Americans no longer trust institutions, Barack Obama explained that he wanted to encourage young people to get involved in politics and public services. The host asked him what he would say to his daughters Malia and Sasha if they wanted to get involved in public life. And the ex-president shared an anecdote that says a lot about the lack of privacy they suffered.

Secret agents during their date

“As teenagers, they had secret service agents following them when they went on dates, I think that probably took away their interest in public services,” he quipped. before adding, “They still have post-traumatic stress disorder from our agents walking around talking into their wireless microphones, with their glasses on, while they were just trying to go to a concert.”

“They have become incredible young women. I could not be more proud of them,” said Barack Obama, who admits to having been afraid that his children will become “weird” growing up in an environment like the White House. “You know there are butlers in the White House. Who has butlers?” He said, saying his wife Michelle and his stepmother were very careful that their daughters keep their heads. cold.

They had, for example, their beds themselves or even wake up on their own. Barack Obama remembered a phrase their grandmother often told them, Michelle Obama’s mother, to bring them down to earth when needed: “You realize that you haven’t accomplished anything. parents have done great things. You haven’t. “

Barack Obama © Youtube

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