They are inseparable. On October 27, Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen unveiled their work entitled Born in the USA. On the occasion of the release of this one, Yann Barthès had the privilege of interviewing them on the set of Quotidien this Tuesday, November 2. In duplex in New Jersey, the two men made some confidences concerning their friendship. “We have become excellent friends,” said Barack Obama first. “Bruce was very generous and willing to perform as part of my campaign when I was still a candidate,” he recalled afterwards. The two men met in 2008 and it allowed them to “discover that we share the same attitude towards the country and the family”, specifies the former president of the United States. When Barack Obama was elected Bruce Springsteen often “came to our house for dinner. He played the piano, we shared drinks and when I left the White House we remained friends. That’s one of the reasons. why we thought it was a good idea to write this book, said the husband of Michelle Obama.

He shares his opinion. If Barack Obama did not hesitate to praise his friend, Bruce Springsteen made the same remarks a few minutes later. “It’s very interesting. I had a lot of friends who defined the first half of my life and making a really good friend later in life is unusual,” he said. first indicated. He later recalled the first time he saw Barack Obama on television. “I thought I liked this guy. When I first met him, I thought we had so much in common,” he said. When the former US president was on the presidential campaign, he was able to count on the support of his friend. “I had the pleasure and the honor to be able to follow him during his meetings and we started a series of conversations”, explained Bruce Springsteen before adding: “Our women met, it really made the difference. business and that’s how it all began, “he concluded. Thirteen years later, the two men wanted to write a book together.

Bruce Springsteen: which song did he choose to qualify Barack Obama?

In his show, Yann Barthès suggests that his guests choose a song according to a specific theme. The two guests played along and while the presenter asked which song would best define Barack Obama, Bruce Springsteen indicated that it is The Promised Land. The reason ? “It’s a song that incorporates both blues and gospel and it’s my friend next door,” said the composer at first before adding: “Barack is a realistic optimist. He is pragmatic, has a realistic vision of America but to the tips of his nails he is optimistic and it’s a song that captures both aspects and it sums up the two meanings of my good friend here, ”he said . “It seems quite good to me,” concluded Barack Obama, touched by this statement.

Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen © TMC

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