Barack Obama: his astonishing confidence on UFOs

Barack Obama has not been President of the United States since 2016, but he has not left the media space, evidenced by his book A Promised Land published a few months ago. He was this time a guest on The Ezra Klein Show podcast and was asked about alien life after a UFO was spotted in the United States a few weeks ago. To the question: “Would the existence of extraterrestrial life have changed your policy as president”, Barack Obama clearly replied: “No not at all, because my entire policy presupposes that there is tiny organisms that float in space “.

The former president therefore prefers to keep the benefit of the doubt and often spoke about it to his team: “When we were going through difficult times and I wanted to boost the morale of my team, I gave them this statistic that my scientific adviser John Holdren m ‘had confided:’ there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on Earth ‘. It did not always have the desired effect: “Sometimes it gave them morale, sometimes they rolled their eyes and said: ‘that’s it, he’s doing it again”. Barack Obama hopes that if the existence of extraterrestrial life was confirmed, it would strengthen the bonds between people: “I hope that if we knew that there were aliens, people would realize that what we a in common is a little more important “.

Barack Obama says he believes in UFOs

Asked about the same subject during his appearance on James Corden’s Late Late Show on May 17, Barack Obama confided, half seriously: “When I took office as president, I asked, is it? that there is a lab somewhere that keeps alien specimens and spaceships? They did a little research but the answer was no. ” He then explained very seriously that there are UFOs that have been spotted and that we could not explain either their presence or their way of flying.

Barack Obama © Zuma Press

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