Coined by dating site Plenty of Fish, the term bae-realing is a love trend that emphasizes authenticity. According to Stylist magazine, this describes a sea change in the way people date online. In other words, it is a question of abandoning the carefully studied profiles in favor of a more spontaneous style. “Singles are now experiencing a more transparent approach to dating, and many say they are comfortable sharing unfiltered photos and being more honest and direct about what they are looking for. It’s about being yourself and being happy to let potential partners see the real self,” says Michelle Begy, CEO and Founder of Ignite Dating.

Farewell to the ideal of perfection, here we focus on sincerity! Moreover, the name bae-realing is a reference to the social network Be Real, renowned for encouraging its users to post what they are doing at the moment. A new practice that emerged during the pandemic. “Covid-19 has normalized everyday life in confinement and many have turned their backs on efforts to portray an idealized life. This has influenced the dating world in the way singles approach their profiles on dating apps” explains Michelle Begy. In his eyes, this love trend is a real “breath of fresh air” for those who wish to meet people who are true to themselves.

Bae-realing could be a game-changer for singles

In the columns of the Metro UK, psychologist Cortney S. Warren confided that bae-realing increases the chances of finding love: “The truth is that single people want more honest and authentic representations of others and of themselves- same on dating apps. A more realistic representation of each individual will not only be refreshing, but will also lead to more meaningful connections.” Michelle Begy also agrees: “When you think about it, if someone sees you for who you really are, and wants to meet you to get to know you better, it has the potential to lead to more authentic relationships and can help you to have a committed, long-term relationship.”

Bae-realizing this love trend every single guy should embrace


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