Suffering from bad breath would be doubly penalizing for men. In addition to possible erection problems, the latter could also be subject to a risk of heart attack or stroke four times higher…

It’s a causal link that no one expected. A recent scientific study has however succeeded in underlining the link between bad breath and erectile dysfunction.

For men, this bad news becomes a real warning, especially since it is not the only health problem they could face…

Accelerated hardening of the arteries

Published in the Journal of Periodontology, a study looked at 158 ​​patients of median age in Spain. The main author of this analysis, Professor Francisco Mesa of the University of Granada, has thus demonstrated that there is a real risk between bad breath and erectile dysfunction. According to him, these disorders would come from an accelerated hardening of the arteries: “It is triggered by periodontitis (gum disease), first in the small vessels of the penis, then, later, in the rest of the arteries of other vital organs “. Because, for men, breath problems do not stop at the level of the penis, they would increase the risk of suffering a major adverse cardiovascular event (MACE) by 3.7 times.

Warning signs

At the heart of the study, participants with these two conditions (breath and erectile dysfunction), were thus found to be more likely to suffer from a stroke, a heart attack or to die of a disease. cardiovascular disease or heart failure. They were also more likely to develop angina or need coronary bypass surgery. The professor added: “The onset of erectile dysfunction could be a harbinger of potentially more serious cardiovascular diseases”. Five years ago, the same team demonstrated that the rates of erectile dysfunction had more than doubled in men with gum disease “These findings are of particular significance, given that MACE is life-threatening in middle-aged men.” Impotence is a strong predictor of heart attack in high-risk patients, as shown in previous research. In general, a heart attack or stroke occurs on average only four years after the first diagnosis of low libido. Another reason to be attentive to your oral hygiene…


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