The iconic Spice Girls lip gloss isn’t the only one making a comeback this year. Indeed, the essential baby braids of the 90s also resurfaces and ranks among the trendy hairstyles of this summer 2022. Several personalities have already exhibited it with its refined and feminine style, including Hailey Baldwin or the Infanta Sofia of Spain, 15 years old. Despite a charming minimalism, baby braids have even been invited to the Cannes Film Festival or to Paris Fashion Week, during Alexander McQueen’s fashion show.

La Princesa de Asturias y de Girona y la Infanta Sofía, at the salida del Teatro-Museo Dalí in Figueres, you can visit and attend a session of work with the participants in the different programs of the @FPdGi.➡️https://t .co/pKezMWync9 #PremiosFPdGi

— Casa de S.M. el Rey (@CasaReal) July 3, 2022

For the record, baby braids appeared thanks to actress Sharon Tate, in 1968, when she wore them on the Cannes red carpet. Since then, they have become a real symbol of glamor and sobriety. However, it will be necessary to have at least a square cut to be able to wear them, ideally medium-length or long hair. For the hair fiber, these baby braids are suitable for all textures, from the straightest to the curliest.

Baby braids: how to achieve this ultra trendy hairstyle?

To make baby braids, nothing could be simpler! Start with a straight parting in the middle of the head. Then, just take the two locks on the front of the face, on each side of the parting. You will need to use a section about 5 to 7 cm wide. That’s it ! Now just braid in the standard way until the end of the wick. To fix the braids, it is possible to use a small thin and discreet elastic. Another alternative, just backcomb the bottom of the hair, which avoids using rubber bands. Or, use a fixing spray in addition.

Baby braids have the advantage of being able to be worn every day! Indeed, in addition to being done in just 10 minutes, this hairstyle requires very little maintenance. In the summer they are particularly interesting. They free up the face, while bringing a touch of deceptively casual chic.

Infanta Sofia of Spain © Dana Press


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