Splinter Sales, a London rapper, was doubly surprised on August 31: first by the cries of the police who came to search his home without him knowing the reason, but above all by the presence with the forces of the British orders from the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson himself, as revealed by “The Independent”.

Splinter Sales: ‘I was so shocked. I was drunk last night, I woke up to see Boris Johnson close to my face’

Far from imagining finding himself so close to the Prime Minister, Splinter Sales had the reflex to film the search, and post it on Tik Tok where it quickly went viral. “I was so shocked, he explained, I was drunk last night, I woke up to see Boris Johnson close to my face. I thought I was dreaming”. In reality, Boris Johnson either did not know that he would come to wake up the young rapper: he had gone to meet the new recruits of the British police, who arrived thanks to a recruitment campaign of more than 20,000 additional officers “to make our streets safer” according to the Prime Minister who will soon end his mandate.

This is how Boris Johnson found himself embarked on a raid aimed at combating drug trafficking and he landed at Splinter Sales who were not worried following the search. “I don’t know what they were looking for but nothing happened to me,” he told reporters from “The Indepedant” who confirmed the information thanks to the British police. Recovered from his emotions, he joked about the “very close” Prime Minister’s visit. “I think he was delighted to see me,” he concluded.

Awakened in the early morning with a start, he finds Boris Johnson in his living room!

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