A story worthy of a fairy tale! A year after formalizing their relationship, Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun got engaged on Sunday March 27, 2022. On a small cloud, it was in the columns of People magazine that the singer told the underside of this very special day. “It was the most perfect and romantic marriage proposal I could have ever asked for. We were in Paris on a boat on the Seine. We had a violinist, champagne and roses. It was as if time had stopped, and that there were only the two of us at that moment”, she revealed. Referring to the ring Mod Sun gave her, the pretty blonde added, “It has the words ‘Hi Icon’ engraved on it, which are the first words he ever said to me. And there’s Mod + Avril inside.”

A fan of her ring, Avril Lavigne revealed, “He knew from the start that I wanted a heart-shaped diamond because the day we met we had matching pavé heart rings. We wore them every day. days since, so it’s normal to have a heart-shaped engagement ring. I love it so much!” If she assured that she did not expect this marriage proposal, she knew shortly after their meeting that Mod Sun was the right one. While the couple met during the production of the singer’s latest album, the latter assured: “I knew that we had a very strong and unstoppable connection from the first week of writing and working together in the studio. Immediately. He made it, every day, better. It was like I’d known him forever. Over time, things got better and it was incredibly natural.”

Avril Lavigne is happier than ever

More than ever, the star is looking forward to planning their life together. “I can’t wait to have fun, to create, to work together, to tour together, to grow together. It feels good to have someone who can help celebrate the good times, support you in the tough times and being there for all the times in between,” she said. Captioning a series of photos from their engagement, Mod Sun wrote on Instagram, “The day we met I knew you were the one. Together forever until our days are over. I had a dream where I was proposing to you in Paris. I took out a ring and asked you to wear it. I was on one knee when I looked into your eyes. You you’re too beautiful for my words to describe. I grabbed your hand and took one last breath…I said, ‘Will you marry me?’ And she said, ‘Yes.’ I love you April!”

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