Tragic! It was in Aveyron that this fatal accident occurred. Indeed, a 32-year-old man died after falling 200 meters from the Millau viaduct, reports Le Parisien. This 30-year-old was a base-jump enthusiast. It is an extreme sport consisting of parachuting from a high point such as a cliff or a building. The unfortunate killed himself on the morning of Tuesday, November 29.

“The man set off around 8:30 in the morning at the highest level of the Viaduct between piles P2 and P3”, explain our colleagues from Parisian. While he had already launched, his parachute did not open, which is the cause of his death. We are talking about a fall of several hundred meters. Yet this jump, he was not allowed to do.

Base jumping: a practice prohibited by law

The media explains that since May of this year, the practice of base-jumping has been prohibited by prefectural decree from the viaducts of Verrières, Millau and Viaur in Aveyron. These are meeting points for enthusiasts of this very dangerous activity. The law provides for a fine of 150 euros in the event of a repeat offence. To find out the true circumstances of this tragedy, an investigation will be opened, according to Midi Libre. The victim was in the company of two other base jumpers during this tragic accident. The latter are heard by the police as assisted witnesses, according to Le Parisien. Note that it was these two practitioners who alerted the authorities. To be continued…

Aveyron: he breaks the law to satisfy his passion, it costs him his life

Aveyron: he breaks the law to satisfy his passion, it costs him his life © Pexels

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