After a divorce case that lasted more than a year and a half, the divorce of Peter and Autumn Phillips is formalized last June. The official statement read that: “Mr. and Mrs. Phillips are delighted to announce that the financial aspects of their divorce have been settled with an agreement between the two parties …” Pending divorce, the ex-spouses have resumed the course of their lives each on their own.

If Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson seems to be enjoying his new single life, Autumn Phillips would have chosen another path. It is indeed reported that the now ex-wife of the Queen’s grandson seems to have already found the man who will take her ex’s place. Autumn Phillips chose to fall into the arms of an Irish billionaire who wouldn’t be a real stranger to her.

“The two lovebirds have known each other for more than fifteen years”

Donal Mulryan, 52, is a wealthy Irish real estate man. And according to the Daily Mail, he and Autumn Phillips have known each other for no less than fifteen years. Sources close to the new couple say that Donal and Autumn are very much in love. In addition, it seems that the couple has never hidden their relationship. At 43, Autumn Phillips is well and truly divorced and ready to start her new life.

For his part, Donal Mulryan is not yet divorced from his wife. The couple are still in the process of divorce after their separation dates from two years ago. According to the Daily Mail, the divorce case is slow to close because the billionaire knows that “it would cost him a fortune after 27 years together”. According to the sources, Autumn’s new couple appear to be solid regardless. Her new man would even make her a real princess.

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