Marriage is said to be the most important journey a man and woman can take together. In any case, this is how Mona and Aaron Jones, two Englishmen aged 26 and 29, see things. But these two inhabitants of Somerset, together for five years, have a somewhat particular profile. The lovers are both autistic Asperger’s. Autism is an invasive neurological syndrome that manifests itself, among other things, by impaired communication and social interactions, but also by difficulties in managing emotions. Dimensions particularly stressed during weddings…

So, to ensure that their wedding day is a pleasant experience for them, our two atypical lovebirds have organized themselves to make their big day as comfortable as possible. “We thought about the weddings we had attended, those where we had been tense, even in crisis, and how to avoid these situations. Music, lights, crowds or the unexpected in general are difficult to manage for us”, explains Mona.

“Our photographer took me to calm when I was tired”

The result ? A meticulous organization exclusively focused on their well-being. The preparations are carried out by them, with many times of respite and isolation to carry out their project serenely. “It allowed us to keep control over the course of the day and to prepare for it. If we had entrusted this to someone else, with the part of the unknown that this entails, we would have triggered a anxiety, which promotes the onset of seizures,” says Aaron.

The place of the ceremony is familiar and peaceful. The wedding day is punctuated by numerous breaks, to allow the bride and groom to relax. “Our photographer was my accomplice, she took me calmly when she saw that I was getting tired,” says Mona. Lovers are equipped with earplugs, which reduce ambient noise and allow them to concentrate on conversations.

“When we play, contacts are less stressful”

During the meal, organized outdoors so that the sounds are less loud, Mona and Aaron wanted to be seated not in the center, but at the end of the table, to avoid too much eye contact. The guest list? Reduced to sixteen people, mostly family, so that the bride and groom are in familiar territory. There are also games everywhere. “For us, socializing is difficult. Playing is less stressful.”

And the wedding ended at 4 p.m., so that the lovers would not be overwhelmed by accumulated fatigue. From all this, Mona made a video, posted on TikTok, which received an incredible reception. It currently has over 16.5 million views and 3 million likes. On the last image, she slipped these few words, as advice: “Whoever you are, do what is good for you, whatever the traditions.”

Mona and Aaron Jones © TIKTOK@MONALOGUE

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