An unbelievable story. At a hospital in Mannheim, Germany, a 72-year-old patient was arrested after she turned off her 79-year-old roommate’s oxygen because she was fed up with the noise. As explained in the press release published Thursday, December 1 by the public prosecutor’s office and the police of Mannheim, the old woman disconnected the artificial respirator from her neighbor for the first time before 8 p.m. complaining of the noise of the machine. The hospital staff intervened, explaining to the patient that her neighbor was dependent on her respiratory assistance, but the septuagenarian, exasperated, did it again an hour later.

“Although the suspect was informed by hospital staff that the oxygen supply was a life-saving measure, she allegedly turned off the device again at around 9 p.m.,” reads the statement from the prosecution. Following the reckless gesture of the septuagenarian, the patient on a ventilator had to be resuscitated. Her days are no longer in danger, but she remains in intensive care at Mannheim hospital.

Suspect charged with attempted murder

An investigation has been opened. Accused of attempted murder, the 72-year-old patient was brought before an investigating judge at the Mannheim District Court. She was then incarcerated in a correctional institution during the investigation. It is not known why the latter was hospitalized and whether or not her responsibility was impaired, possibly by a neurodegenerative disease.

At the hospital, she cuts off her neighbor's oxygen for a lunar reason

She couldn’t stand the noise anymore! © Pexels

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