In the town of Norman, Oklahoma, Garrett Brown is considered a true hero! And for good reason, the 8-year-old boy saved the life of a classmate when the latter was choking in the middle of a meal. According to information reported by Good Morning America, the facts took place on September 15 at Lakeview Elementary School. The students were excited because it was canteen nugget day. Suddenly, the mood took a dramatic turn when Cashton York gulped. Without hesitating for a second, Garrett got up to practice the Heimlich maneuver, which dislodges a foreign body from the airways.

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Garrett was able to show incredible composure. As he explained to WRAL-TV, it was his father who showed him the technique after he choked himself as a child. “He taught me the gesture in case someone else was choking,” he said. The boy was quickly praised for his heroic act. A ceremony was then organized to present him with an award. Justin Garrett of the Fire Brigade and Jenny Bryan of the Norman Police Department were on hand to salute the little boy’s bravery. As for Cashton, he thanked his savior before giving him a hug.

First aid courses to save lives

Tiffany Smith, Cashton’s mother, warmly thanked Garrett for his quick action. “I don’t have enough words to express how grateful I am to him. It was very scary to know that in a few seconds my child could have choked and died while eating in the canteen” said she told Good Morning America. From now on, the educational team of Lakeview organizes first aid courses for its school children. “That way, if they’re out, alone at home or at home with their siblings, and something happens, they’ll know what to do,” the teacher added.

At the age of 8 he saves the life of his classmate who was choking in the canteen


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