Dozens of people have lived with a corpse under their feet for nearly a decade. During a police investigation for murder, police in Queensland, Australia discovered a body under a building in suburban Brisbane. According to the medical examiner’s report, the woman’s body had been there for “at least seven years”. The body, wrapped in a waterproof plastic bag, was partially buried and hidden behind a brick wall, indicates the police report, which confirms that it was cleaners who gave the alert when they discovered human bones.

Since the discovery of these remains, the police have been trying to establish the identity of this woman, by gathering information discovered during their investigation. For the moment, Australian investigators have ruled that the latter was a Caucasian woman, who was between 1.55 and 1.65m tall and was between 30 and 55 years old at the time of her death. On top of that, she wore dark colored hair and had prescription glasses. Detective Andrew Massingham admitted that the task was not simple: “One of the biggest pieces of the puzzle is the identification of the victim”.

The corpse had been lying there for more than seven years

The exact circumstances of the victim’s death are also quite unclear. For the moment, the police have only revealed that the body presented “simple trauma which made his death considered suspicious”. In an address to the local press, police said: “Someone tried to cover up their crime. They took care to wrap the body in a certain way and transport it to a hard-to-reach area. The question whether they intended to leave it there, or pick it up later and just didn’t, is part of what we’re going to look at.” While the police are questioning all the inhabitants of the district, it will certainly take many months before elucidating this strange affair.

"At least 7 years old...": macabre discovery in the cellar of a building

A body found after 7 years © Pexels

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