A mother, nicknamed @shans1588 on TikTok, recently caused a stir by posting a video of her son being born. It all started with a request from user @tawnee117. The latter, currently pregnant, asked moms to compare the weight of their toddlers. “Who has the biggest baby?” she said. Without hesitating for a second, @shans1588 replied by revealing that his child weighed 6.5 kilos for 60 centimeters when he was born. An impressive physique that has strongly reacted. Evidenced by the 46.4 million cumulative views.

@shans1588 Our 14 1b .6oz baby boy. J is a healthy, stubborn and STRONG 5 year old who loves baseball, football and Monster Trucks. #fyp #bigbaby ♬ Proud of You – Five Times August

In the video, the mom explained that it was her second child. She also gave details of her term, stating that she had delivered by cesarean section after 38 weeks of pregnancy. At the time, two doctors helped her. In the aftermath, the child had to be placed in intensive care in the neonatal unit for 11 days. Overwhelmed by the spectacular dimensions of the baby, the maternity ward had no diaper to his size. When she returned home, the mother had redone her son’s wardrobe because he already needed clothes in six or nine months.

This 6.5 kg baby has become a very strong boy

On her TikTok page, the mother published a montage of photos in which we discover the evolution of her son. Internet users were able to discover the child from birth to five years old. Shots where he appears in the maternity ward, in the car or even at the beach. Today, the blue-eyed blond has grown well and his face has not failed to soften the Web. Under the publication, the mother of the family commented that he loves baseball, football as well as Monster Trucks. If the measurements of the boy are incredible, they do not constitute a record. According to the Guinness Book, it is held by a small Italian of 10.2 kilos, born in 1955.

At birth, this mother's baby weighed 65 kilos for 60 cm


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