At only 3 years old, a little boy managed to alert his mother by telling her that his mobile phone had been stolen before his eyes.

According to information reported by Midi Libre, a 3-year-old boy warned his mother that his cell phone had just been stolen, without her realizing it. The facts date back to Sunday February 27 around 6:45 p.m. The duo was at the Saint-Roch station in Montpellier in the Hérault when the incident occurred. Taking advantage of a moment of inattention on the part of the 30-year-old, who was storing her luggage and her stroller in the tram, a young man, just of age, did not hesitate to pick her pockets to steal her smartphone. But it was without counting on the watchful eye of the boy, more than ever on the lookout.

As our colleagues point out, the child saw the whole scene and had the good reflex to tell everything to his mother. “Mom, the gentleman took your phone from you” he slipped to her. Without wasting a single minute, the young woman alerted the controllers who were nearby. The latter quickly arrested the young thug as he tried to flee with the stolen object. Police arrived at the scene to apprehend the suspect. A young repeat offender who had already struck a few weeks earlier.

Arrested with two stolen phones in his possession

According to the details relayed by the regional daily, the police made several finds on the 18-year-old young man. First, they recovered the victim’s cell phone. The individual had hidden it in his underpants. Thanks to the 3-year-old boy, the device was returned to his mother. In a second step, the police officers also seized a second smartphone whose report had been made in Lyon, by a fifty-year-old, on February 9. The author of the larceny was placed in police custody before admitting the facts. He was referred to the prosecution immediately.

At age 3, he tells his mother that his phone has been stolen ©

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