Teresa Hanson, a grandmother from the village of West Cowick in East Yorkshire, committed irreparable harm shortly after Christmas. She, her 34-year-old husband Paul Hanson, Sherri, their daughter, and their grandchildren had a wonderful Christmas. Teresa Hanson’s daughter Sherri posted photos on Facebook of Teresa and Paul sitting around the dinner table wearing party hats. “We had the best day ever with the family today,” Sherri captioned the photos. Unfortunately, the family story of this 54-year-old grandmother takes a tragic turn.

Teresa Hanson, a 54-year-old hairdresser, is accused of stabbing her husband Paul Hanson, 34, to death. The horrific murder took place three days after Christmas, on December 28, 2022, reports The Sun. The murderous grandmother has been arrested by authorities after killing her husband at their village home in West Cowick. According to the British media, Hanson spent his 54th birthday behind bars. She appeared at Hull Crown Court on Tuesday January 3, but did not plead. She barely spoke to confirm her identity.

She returns to live with her parents with an electronic bracelet on her wrist

Due to “exceptional circumstances”, Teresa Hanson was not entitled to pre-trial detention. Judge John Thackray released the accused on bail under specific conditions. We learn that the grandmother who killed her 34-year-old husband is barred from entering West Cowick until her trial in June. Teresa Hanson is on an electronically monitored curfew. Electronic bracelet on the wrist, Teresa Hanson must return to live with her parents.

At 54, she finds herself at her parents' house with an electronic bracelet for a horrible reason

Teresa Hanson © Facebook

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