Five-year-old Noah Connell’s condition is so rare that doctors have dubbed it ‘Noah Syndrome’. The baby boy was born unexpectedly in 2017. Jade Gordon and Kieran Connell were still teenagers when they became parents. Indeed, Jade made a pregnancy denial. When Noah was born, in Glasgow Royal Infirmary, he was not breathing and was rushed in immediately for emergency surgery. Jade, then 18, showed no signs of being pregnant and maintained a perfectly flat stomach. In her sixth month of pregnancy, she entered the hospital with stomach pains. It took the doctors a few hours to realize that she was in labour.

In five years, Noah has already undergone 11 operations. He was born with a missing part of his spine, an underdeveloped jaw and airways that cause him many problems. The young child has craniofacial microsomia. This means that the lower half of one side of her face is underdeveloped. So if anything gets into his mouth, including water, it could kill him. Abnormalities related to this pathology can cause difficulty breathing, eating, hearing, articulation, speech and language disorders, as well as visual disturbances.

A syndrome so rare that it now bears the first name of the little boy

However, thanks to medical interventions and the love of his loved ones, little Noah was able to flourish. The year 2022 is also marked by a milestone for the boy. Indeed, he joined his new classmates at Kelbourne Park Primary School in Glasgow. Mother-of-one Jade, 23, said: “The last five years have passed in the space of six months. It was very, very moving, especially to see him in his uniform. Jade also revealed that not everyone has a caring attitude towards their baby boy. Noah falls victim to online trolls who say cruel things about the child and his family. It also happens that people stare at him in public. Nonetheless, Jade claims that they don’t let negativity get to them. Parents are happier than ever to see their little boy flourish, surrounded by his friends.

At 5, he suffers from a syndrome so rare that the rain could kill him


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