Gifts, rent paid in an apartment which is worth more than a million pounds, pocket money … At 41 years old, Faiz Siddiqui was always very well maintained by his parents, who never counted their money for their son. But a dispute between the two parties in 2020 changed everything. While they decided to cut food for their 40-year-old child, this Briton wanted revenge by taking legal action against those who gave him life, even though they lived several thousand kilometers from the Great -Brittany, in Dubai.

His request to the judge? Alimony for life. But she was quickly rejected, especially because of her advanced age. Except that Faiz Siddiqui did not abdicate and took the case to the court of appeal. According to his lawyer, his client has the right to apply for such a pension under the 1989 law which states that he is “a vulnerable adult”, in addition to having health problems.

400 pounds of pocket money every week

Yet, in law, no adult can claim child support from parents who have not separated. And for those concerned, who are both over 70 years old, their son’s request is absolutely inadmissible: they do not wish to give him more than 400 pounds of pocket money per week, which is already a very big deal. nice sum.

On top of that, his parents’ lawyers recalled that the man had been housed for several years in their flat in central London, and at his age he shouldn’t need to ask for so much money anymore. . Obviously, the latter are “devastated” by the legal attack on their offspring. But they do not intend to abdicate.

He asks for alimony from his parents © Pexels

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